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Discontinuing Guaranteed Hits and Banner Advertising

For almost 20 years, CMather Web Development has been offering traffic management programs for small business websites. Over the period we have served over 20,000 customers worldwide. From pop under traffic, banner advertising, and guaranteed hits programs. Over the past year, we have been struggling to provide cost-effective solutions due to the decrease in the [...]

Pinterest, TV Commercials, Accounting and Social Media

Having a strong brand recognition online is an important part of your online web presence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have made some changes on how small business communicates with customers. Later during the month we will write about specific changes and how business owners can take advantage of the updated API’s as well as [...]

2013 Year in Review

As another year pass and we close 2013, I like to take this opportunity to thank all the new customers who made CMather Web Development home for their new businesses. Overall we had an extremely busy 2013 by adding 412 new corporate customers to our growing list of online business owners. During 2013 we lost [...]