Don’t you hate calling customer service and getting placed on hold or clicking through multiple phone menus to speak to the right person? We hate it just as much as you! In fact we are generally on hold for more than 2 hours per day to our own downstream providers, ISP’s and technicians throughout Australia and the USA.

This is how our current phone system worked for all the technical geeks who want to know. When you dial our support line 1300 628 437, we used Skype to reroute the call to a VoIP server at CMather. The VoIP server would then forward the call to the nearest representative within your State. There were long delays, low quality calls from our VoIP server and frequent problems if the representative was unavailable. You might have also been placed in a holding queue until the server found an appropriate forwarding solution. Frustrating right?

Our solution to fix this problem.
Today we upgraded our VoIP server along with how we forward your support requests. Thanks to Zintel Communications Australia we now use a Virtual Manager to capture your call details. No longer will you wait on hold, receive an engaged tone or have annoying call disruptions. Call 1300 628 437, leave your detailed message and a representative from CMather will call you back within an hour.

Want to know how this technology works?
We use Zintel Communications Australia to set-up a Virtual Manager. Our 1300 number is linked to the Virtual Manager. When a “Call Back” request is received, an email with the voice mail is sent to CMather. We have hacked some impressive code which scans the email when it arrives and reads the voice mail message. The message is then forwarded instantly to customer support, sales, payments or technical help depending on keywords used in the message. All done within a millisecond of the message arriving. Are you impressed? Give us your feedback or put it to the test.

Some of the benefits for our customers using this new phone system:

  • No holding on to speak to a consultant or technician.
  • No engaged tones or out of service while calling.
  • No phone menu prompts or getting redirected within the menu.
  • Available 24/7 across all our services and domains.
  • Save money and your time by leaving a detailed message.
  • We will call you back. 24/7 (Australia and International).

Put it to the test – Call us
If you require a quote, need to pay a bill, require technical help or just want to chat to customer support at CMather call 1300 628 437. Leave a detailed message along with your name and phone number including any area codes or international codes then hang up. We will return your call within the hour or a time you specify within your message.