Google Wave is an online collaboration tool that helps people communicate and work together on projects. Presented at the Google I/O conference in May 2009, the web application combines a variety of social networking tools such as wikis, email and IM into one program that allows work on a project to take place in real time.

In essence, users share a space where they can plan events, work on group projects, share photos and even play games together. Already, developers have created a host of extensions that enhance the usability of the program. For example, Ribbit is a phone app that adds the capability to make telephone conference calls. A video extension, called SixRounds, allows users to chat in real time via video.

The biggest advantage to using Google Wave is the ease in which team members can work together on a project even if they are on opposite sides of the planet. With companies looking to cut costs, using an application like Google Wave could potentially make telecommuting a truly viable option and allow companies to get rid of one of their biggest expenses; physical offices.

Because Google Wave provides a place where all information on a project is grouped together, management will have the ability to check on the progress of a project at any time without having to track down the project’s team leader for status updates.

All in all, Google Wave provides businesses the potential to manage their employees and projects more efficiently. Which may be just the thing they need to get a leg up over the competition. 

Google Wave – Communicate and collaborate in real time
Google Wave API

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