It’s no secret that companies and brands want to keep up with competitors. To attract new clients and stay ahead of the competition, you need solid blog content and a marketing strategy. For small marketing teams, the prospect of churning out content all the time for blogs, websites, social media and other marketing channels is daunting.

Partnering with a blog content provider can help you achieve a higher ROI. While controlling costs to stay within budget.

Why Website Owners Should Publish Blog Content Regularly

Customers today are searching and shopping online. So companies that want to attract new customers need to show up in search results.

Since its inception, Google has been the leader in online search. Commanding over 70% of all online search volume in 2020. In the early days of search engine marketing, Google discovered that companies were engaging in less-than-beneficial SEO tactics, such as:

  • Keyword stuffing – Using the target keyword dozens (or even hundreds) of times to rank higher, even when the content is nonsensical to an actual reader.
  • Content farms – Putting content on websites that only publish keyword-stuffed content to boost ad revenue, with little or no quality control.
  • Auto-generated content – Using computer algorithms to generate content that includes keywords but is clearly not written by a human.

These tactics prompted the release of Google’s Panda algorithm in 2011, which prioritised quality content. Google has further refined that algorithm in the past decade, and today it can put together themes, purposes and concepts beyond just the actual keyword phrase someone types. The emphasis for marketers, according to Google, should be offering high-quality, relevant and useful information.

You probably are not going to update your website content very often — that’s an extensive undertaking that would not provide a good ROI. However, you can continually put out new and relevant content that boosts SEO with blog posts, and a blog content provider can help you maximize success while minimizing cost.

Beat Your Competition with a Blog Content Provider
Beat Your Competition with a Blog Content Provider

In-house Versus Outsourced Blog Content Writing

Now that you know why you should be publishing content on your blog regularly, the next question is whether you should do it yourself or work with a blog content provider.

There isn’t one right answer for everyone. For many companies though, providers can offer high-quality content more efficiently and cost-effectively than an in-house team. That is especially true for small businesses.

As you launch a blogging program, consider:

  • Time– Do you (or your team) have time to write content regularly for your blog?
  • Cost– Do you have the resources to hire enough full-time or part-time employees to keep up with all your marketing activities?
  • Skills – Does your internal marketing team have the skills to produce quality content quickly?
  • Analytics and ROI – Can you track how effective your content is? Or could a content marketing service help provide better analytics?
  • Vendor management– Can you manage an external relationship with a content marketing service? Do you know what to look for in that partner?
  • Control – Can you let go of some of the control of your content by outsourcing? And get more high-quality content delivered quickly?

Benefits of partnering with a blog content provider

For companies that don’t have the time or internal resources to create content on their own, a blog content provider saves you a lot of time, money and work.

Save money

Hiring permanent employees to create content is often more expensive than working with an outsourced blog content provider. The reason is simple: Employees (even part-time ones) come with costs like salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, computers and office space. Outsourcing eliminates all those costs so you just pay for the content you get.

Scale up and down as needed

You may have times of the year when you need more help with content. If you have employees you may nned to lay them off when it’s slow. By outsourcing, you can easily scale up or down as your needs fluctuate.

Get more specialized writers

It might seem counterintuitive that you can get more expertise from an external writer. With the right content services provider, you can gain access to a wider variety of writers and experience.

Stay focused on the big picture

Rather than spending all your time on the day-to-day tasks of content creation, outsourcing allows you to focus on the big strategic picture of where your brand is going and how to get there.

Managed service providers: The next generation of blog content providers

When you’re ready to go beyond basic blog services, a managed content provider can offer next-level service and support. These providers combine powerful SaaS technology with quality writers. As a result, you get better content that significantly outperforms traditional blogs at a cost that is up to 80% less than doing the work in house.

Companies can engage these services on their own or as a way to boost the performance of their internal team for a robust outsourced solution.

What to look for when selecting your content partner

A quick search for “content marketing provider” will give you a lot of results and may leave you confused and frustrated trying to sort through the sales pitches to find the right one. Start with these key factors as you evaluate potential partners:

  • The right experience. A quality content marketing provider will have writers with broad expertise who can create authoritative content specific to your company and industry while matching your brand’s tone and voice.
  • Simple process. It should be easy to get the content you need. It shouldn’t require jumping through hoops, signing lengthy contracts or losing all control of what you publish.
  • Control over writer quality. Hiring a freelancer or searching online content marketing platforms that are simply a marketplace for writers (and do not properly vet people on their site) can lead to low-quality work. A managed services provider vets their writers to ensure clients get the highest quality and expertise.
  • Cost-effective solutions. You need good ROI on your content marketing, and paying exorbitant fees for content takes away from your bottom line. Some ad agencies that don’t specialize in content creation will contract with their own third-party content vendors and pass along the extra costs to you in the process.
  • Transparent pricing. To get the most out of your budget, you need to know exactly what you’re getting when you pay a blog content provider. Hidden fees, service add-ons and extra costs make it hard to stay within your budget.

The bottom line

Blogs are an essential piece of your content strategy. Hiring a blog content provider is a better and more cost-effective way to get quality content published consistently. Managed content service providers specifically offer access to a team of quality bloggers at affordable prices. They are a great option to expand the reach and ROI of your marketing.

About the Author

Michael Marchese, founder and CEO of Tempesta Media, a leading content, social media and influencer marketing platform.