This is an old scam and hoax currently getting flogged around the Internet again. This time however more and more Australian customers seem to be affected. We have even had reports from users who have received these scams on mobile phones, Skype and even unlisted phone numbers. You don’t even need to own a computer to receive these scams.

How the telemarketing phone virus scam works:


You receive a cold call from a call centre, perpetrating Microsoft, Telstra or other IT company stating your Laptop or personal computer is infected with a deadly virus. The operator will try very hard to convince you that you have a virus and that you need to clean it urgently. Some operators will even state that your infecting millions of users and an imminent danger exists within your computer.

The scammer will then request you to go to a website which provides remote Access to your computer. Remote access is when another user can login to your computer and control it over the Internet. Example Sites: Logmein and These sites offer free browser remote access which makes them a target for these scams. It’s unfortunate as these sites provide a valuable service to small business.

Once the perpetrator gains access into your system they will do one or all of the following:

  • Infect your PC with a Trojan Virus
  • Infect your PC then request money to clean it up
  • Steal your files / folders / passwords etc.
  • Use your computer to attack other systems.
  • Request money to clean the virus.

Simple ways to protect yourself:

  • Hang up on the hoax caller – don’t worry it won’t cost you anything.
  • Never give out your credit card or personal information to the caller.
  • Never let anyone remote access your computer unless you trust and know them.
  • Use up to date Anti Virus and Malware protection to protect your computer from viruses.

3 free software packages to help protect your PC

All 100% free to use. Simply download from these sites and install on your PC to help protect and clean your investment. No subscriptions, no payments, just easy to use Malware and Anti virus protection.

AVG Anti Virus Free virus protection.  Free Auto Updates.

Malware Bytes – Removes malware, trojans, virus, spyware, adware and rootkits.

CCLeaner – Clean your windows PC, makes your computer faster and protects your privacy.

Additional Notes:

Most scammers use VoIP, Skype or other Internet communications to make the phone call. Phone call will generally appear from a private number and the numbers are generally selected by random. (Cold calling). If you think your information has been stolen or bank information compromised, you should immediately contact the relevant authorities.