Extract from recent interviews that CMather gave to three Australian website design bloggers. The interview addresses several key questions asked by small business regarding our services and website design quality process. For additional information regarding our responses, technical questions or to request a free quote, please contact 1300 628 437 (Call back service).

Who are you and where are you located?
We are CMather, an Australian website design and hosting company. We have carved a niche for ourselves in providing these services for small businesses. Our main offices are in Reno Nevada, Melbourne and Bendigo Australia, but we serve people all over Australia and the world through our website. We have been online since 2000.

Could you elaborate on the work that you do?
Though we cannot slot ourselves into one particular category, we like to be described as providers of website design and hosting for small businesses. Those are the primary aspects of our business. We help webmasters out with several products and services that can help them to create, develop and market their products and services in the online world. Apart from website design, we also provide affordable services for website maintenance, SEO, cPanel hosting, development and independent IT consulting.

Why did you decide to enter into the website designing industry?
The Australian web marketing industry is still in its infancy. One of the biggest problems is the lack of awareness of a good professional website to enhance business prospects. People know that they need to have websites to expand their business, but the general consensus is that websites are too expensive to create and much more expensive to maintain.

At CMather, we strongly believe that that is not true. Websites should be a resource that should be available to all. Hence, we decided to enter the web designing industry. We wanted to provide affordable and professional websites for all including free web design services for small business.

Tell us a bit more about your expertise. Like, what types of technology do you use for your websites?
We build websites for each customers need. This can be in a way of a blog, CMS, static / dynamic site or a gallery showcasing their achievements. We use popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Zencart, OsCommerce and languages from standard HTML, PHP, PERL, Java to advanced processes and backend technology using Oracle, SAP, and SQL. We also love working with open source!

What are the most important things that a customer needs to know about website design?
We focus on interactive websites, because that’s what customers want right now. Customers need to know that prospective clients are looking for information. Such websites need not cost an arm and a leg. Our DIY templates system can help them set up websites easily and they can tweak them as they want, when they want. Customers need to know that website maintenance is a no-brainer once they have complete control of their website.

How does your website design process work? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
Our process begins by building on simple templates and fleshing out the websites with unique ideas and concepts. Our websites are unique so that they complement the existing business. It is our firm belief that websites and especially business websites should be appealing not only in their appearance but also in their functionality. We derive our inspiration from anything that works and looks hot today. We always keep ourselves open to new ideas and designs.

What is a normal day in your life as a website designer?
Our day is a lot about coding, development and work processes. We are always in the process of improving our websites when we are working. We are brainstorming within our little team what we can do. Ideas keep flowing incessantly and the best ones are tried out and implemented. We talk about what might work for the client and what might not. What might improve their business and what can be done without. When we are done, we send over our work for approval, and then work on their feedback.

What other services does your company offer apart from website design?
We also offer domain name registration, web hosting services, web maintenance, development, mobile application design, consulting, social media integration and marketing. We also operate and maintain several websites on behalf of our corporate customers around the world.

Tell us about your philosophy behind web design. What are the most important things for you when developing a website?
“Excellence in form and function.” That is what we are after. The website should not just look good, but it should also be easy to use (from the viewer’s point of view) and manage (from the client’s point of view). We strive to strike the right balance. Also, affordability is extremely important to us. That is part of our identity as a business.

Almost any Tom, Dick or Harry thinks that they can be a web designer. In your point of view, what makes a good web designer?
Yes almost anyone with Dreamweaver can call themselves a web designer these days. But a true web designer keeps up with current trends, programming, security fixes and standards. A true web designer captures the customers brainstorming ideas and converts it into an online portal where prospective clients can interact, trade and do business online. The current web designer will be an expert in HTML, CSS, Graphics, SEO, Social Media and Web 2.0 Properties. They will use all these tools and knowledge to provide the customer with a website ready to interact with their clients.

Where do you see the web design industry in Australia going?
Things are certainly looking up! From our experience most small business sites went offshore for their website design. These days we are seeing more and more customers requesting quotes from Australian designers and businesses.  Small business has realised it’s an even playing field when it comes to website design and competing with large companies. The web design industry in Australia has certainly caught up with international design companies, standards and pricing.

If you need to define your business in just 5 words, what would you say?
“We take local businesses global.”

Why should people hire you? What makes you a top website designer?
With so much of competition online it’s hard to call yourself a top web designer and stand out from the crowd. Many people do. We prefer to let our customers speak for our success. Our customers return to our site because they want affordability, quality, professionalism and fast turns around. We provide the answers quickly and if we can’t help them then we refer them to someone who can.

To anyone reading this interview, what is the easiest way to contact you?
You may contact us online or we provide a 24/7 call back service by phoning +61 1300 628 437 (International Wide)
Skype: CMathercom (24/7)