The Android 2.2 has come a long way from its basic version that was launched in 2008, with improvement in all areas. This operating system, a brainchild of Google, came into being with the existence of Google’s T-Mobile G1, a replacement to Apple’s iPhone.  Today, the Android 2.2 operating system or Froyo as it is known, has made its mark in the industry with a large number of fan following. Recently Samsung on Twitter announced Froyo Android 2.2 will be rolled out to the Galaxy S I9000 late in September 2010.

Released around the same time as Apple’s iOS 4, Google has done a wonderful job by bringing in quite a few additions, twists, and alterations to the previous version of Android. Speed is a criterion for judging a good operating system and Froyo undoubtedly happens to be the fastest Android ever built. Google’s success with the Android 2.2 OS is evident in the fact that when booted in a phone, it results in an amazing performance boost without having to tweak hardware and software to pickup the gains.  This is mainly due to the built in code of the Android which results in a better competency level.

One of the most significant alterations found in the Android 2.2 is the increase in its overall speed that enables it to be in perfect synchronization with any of the latest hardware available. In fact, the Froyo comes inbuilt with a Dalvik VM JIT compiler that is mainly responsible for its 2x-5x faster performance even when it comes to the most advanced graphic applications. On the physical part, the Android 2.2 is equipped with two soft buttons on its bottom panel that brings about various phone applications, a phone shortcut button on its left and a browser icon button on the right. Rest of the icons provided in the Froyo is the same as Android 2.1 and there is nothing to complain about that since there is little necessity to alter the wonderful design of the 2.1 version.

An excellent feature found in the Android 2.2 is its push service that permits instructions through a web browser. This simply means that it has been integrated with Google maps by means of which it is possible to get specific directions at the click of a button. Another attribute of this OS is its ability to back up applications on to a SD / micro SD card, which was not available in its earlier version. It is now possible to store applications or data in an external source easily freeing up internal memory.

The Android 2.2 is also equipped with an additional portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (can be shared with up to 8 devices) which enables your phone to be able to connect to the internet via the various networks enabled through your SIM. For business users and travellers this is a great way to get online and check emails etc using your laptop or portable computer. Share your 3G or HSDPA broadband with your family and friends. Browsing performance has also seen a great boost in the new Android 2.2 due to the installation of a V8 engine which definitely results in faster and smoother browsing experience.

With automatic update options, ability to surf Flash enabled websites, and other features that results in an enhanced performance, the Android 2.2 guarantees a new an exciting operating system for your Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone.

Update: From Samsung UK Twitter Account – We’re very sorry about the delay with the release of Froyo. We’re working on it round the clock & will post an update as soon as we have one.

We will let you know once the Froyo version for Galaxy S is online. – CMather Admin