Email marketing has been one of the most traditional tools for internet marketing companies. The correct application of emails has shown very successful results in promoting a business over the internet. Emails can help you reach a huge audience base in a very little time, making it very efficient and quite powerful.

However, quite a few factors come in to play that make your email marketing campaigns successful. Let us examine five essential tips that help in making your email marketing efforts show you the best results.

Tip 1: Targeted Lists

An essential part of email marketing campaigns is developing targeted lists of existing and prospective customers who you would want to reach out to through the emails. The more targeted and relevant the list is, the better the chances of seeing conversions and sales. There is no point sending email to untargeted lists or blind lists as this will end up costing more money and a lack of interest and click through to your site.

Tip 2: The Correct Content

The content of the emails is extremely important. The more interesting and appealing the content is, the higher the click through and you have a better chance of signing in more customers. If the email content is designed purely for marketing, most recipients may want to ignore it. Bringing in a personal touch and make the information appear important is the key to a successful marketing campaign. Ideally the content should be between 100 and 200 words with a clear call to action. Nobody like reading lengthy emails, add 1 or 2 pictures and bullet points for summaries.

Tip3: Emailing Tools and Auto Responders

Identifying and implementing the most useful and advanced emailing tools can increase the efficiency and productivity of a campaign. Use a good email marketing tool that allows you to feed in the lists, configure auto responders, and automate the process. This saves time and shows higher success rates. The tools can also help with analyzing the analytics, click through rates and bounces. Use these tools for every campaign to achieve higher traffic and responses.

Tip 4: Reminders and Follow-Ups

Always try to send reminders to the people you have emailed about your offers or product information. Even if they ignore you the first time, a follow-up or a reminder may sometimes work. Let’s face it, most users will receive and email then either delete it or archive it. Sending a reminder 2 – 3 weeks after the initial mail out will help customers to remember the offer and if needed respond to your offer. This is also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and add a personal touch.

Tip 5: Saying NO to Spam

Finally, do not spam the mailboxes of the recipients. Always provide them with an option to subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list. Always stay compliant with all SPAM acts and policies within your country. This will prevent your email recipients from getting irritated by emails they don’t want to receive from you. When users unsubscribe to your email, use the tools to block email addresses so you don’t resend emails accidently.

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