The QuickBase App Exchange is a great location for Administrators to install template databases for their organisation. QuickBase Apps can then be modified to suit the needs of the user, or build a unique one from scratch using an Exchange App as an example of what is required. With thousands of QuickBase Apps available, a user can quickly become lost or distracted within the Exchange. To help with sorting through every App here are My Top Five Favourite QuickBase Apps available in the Exchange.

Document Library

With staff now spread across multiple locations, working from home and the possibility of users accessing redundant documents due to revisions, a cloud based document library is an essential tool. Categories for documents are already available within the App, with Administrators able to add to, modify or delete any which are unnecessary.

The possibilities for this App is unlimited, with a draft to published field ensuring a document is available for viewing once ratified, reminders relating to documents expiring, comments for staff and revisions allowing others to view the superseded documents. CMather Development clients have also made this App available within their own organisation’s website, allowing the general public to view and download public flagged documents from the App.

Support Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, thus for many organisations having a way to document and manage the information usually kept in the brains of their staff is a great tool.

The Knowledge Base works in a similar manner to the Document Library, allowing staff to access and share knowledge within their organisation. Quality control is also included as part of this App to guarantee that the value of the information is kept at a high level.

Complete Contact Manager

The management of activities and contact with clients outside of an organisation is a vital part of most businesses. Complete Contact Manager meets the needs of any organisation which requires the tracking of this activity, however past experience has shown that this App requires modification to meet the requests of individual organisations. The modification is not due to any shortfalls of the App, rather than the needs of the clients usually being unique.

IT Ticket Help Desk

The IT Ticket Help Desk does not necessarily need to be used solely for IT support requests. Any department which is relied upon to provide support and information to staff or clients, can utilise this App. Tracking, timelines and KPI management is all part of this App.

IT Asset Management

This App is again not necessarily for the sole use of the IT administrator. Any department which needs to track the location or maintenance of any item can utilise this App. Its ability to also state the current depreciated value is a useful tool for any financial reporting, required by the organisation or singular department.

Overall the App Exchange is a fantastic place to start when considering the introduction of a new database, keeping in mind however that no two businesses are alike, thus one App will almost every time require some type of tweaking to ensure it meets the need of its consumer. In fact it may be necessary to build an App from scratch rather than modify an existing one, due to the amount of time needed to be invested into tweaking, it is however still vital to trial available QuickBase Apps to see what does and doesn’t work before beginning from scratch.

Need Help with QuickBase Apps?

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