Website Optimisation actually refers to the Search Engine optimisation that is becoming an object of great difficulty in the present scenario. The primary requirement of Search Engine Optimisation is the choice of appropriate keywords selected for your business, products and services to help your business rank high on major search engines. After all, low search engine ranking = low traffic and an online business needs website traffic. Without website traffic and a great search engine ranking small business cannot compete in today’s markets.

Choosing the wrong keywords and phrases

First and foremost mistake that one makes while optimising a website is to choose inappropriate keywords or phrases. The content of the article should also be given due consideration and should be of high quality. The content should be such that gives an idea and adequate information about the products and the services that the website is advertising. Giving quality information will help in the increase in traffic; thereby raising the ranking of the website within the search engine.

Adding poor content to a web page

Poor content is the second most important mistake that one essentially need to avoid. Remember content is the most important information you can add to your website. Were not talking about pictures and fancy Adobe flash objects, we are talking about words that describe your products, the services you provide and the business you want customers to visit online. One should always use Meta tags that include description tags, title tags or even keyword tags. Some people are seen to avoid using such Meta tags. This mistake leads to the lowering of the website ratings and sometimes search engines will find it hard to index your site correctly. Adding content irrelevant to your website will also see your site penalised in major search indexes.

Having the wrong website design

Subsequent to the choice of the appropriate keyword and quality content, what needs to be given importance is the design of the overall website. The website should have an appropriate pattern suitable for the purpose for which it is made. Using large images, heavy graphics, frames and lack of navigation are the mistakes that a web builder must avoid in order to climb the ladder of the Search Engine indexes. Keep your site clean, correct HTML coding and ensure your site is accessible with different browsers including mobile devices. Always create a friendly Sitemap, Robots.txt and internal anchor text. Never Spam your website design with hidden code or tricks to fool search engines. This will just see your site banned or sandboxed.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation consists of…

Search Engine Optimisation is in reality, a method of marketing your website to your customers. Despite what other authors state, Search Engine Optimisation is based on a trial and error system along with recommendations that arrive from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft that are generally vague and does not contain much valuable advice for increasing your ranking. Best advice is to keep your site content rich provide a valuable service and if possible get as many links pointing to your site from other businesses within your area. This is by far the best way to increase your ranking and dominate the Top 10 listings on any Search Engine.

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