How to Transcribe Audio With Google Docs and Voice Typing

To transcribe audio and dictation can be a tedious and sometimes difficult task. Equipment to complete this task can be expensive, and even the most experienced transcriber can struggle with the demand of understanding every word spoken, and accurately conveying that in a document.

Why You Need to Have Facebook as Your Marketing Hero

Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site, with over one billion active subscribers, diverse market niche, widest global reach and the highest number of subscriptions every month. Facebook, sits next to Google and maps marketing when it comes to reach and usage but stands on a different media, social networking. However, Mark Zuckerberg, the [...]

Discontinuing Guaranteed Hits and Banner Advertising

For almost 20 years, CMather Web Development has been offering traffic management programs for small business websites. Over the period we have served over 20,000 customers worldwide. From pop under traffic, banner advertising, and guaranteed hits programs. Over the past year, we have been struggling to provide cost-effective solutions due to the decrease in the [...]