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Referral Marketing: 4 Simple Steps to Build Referral Business

It was not long ago when small business used the power of word of mouth to obtain referrals before any social media network was formed. Social media and the Internet is great for new business however did you know 80% of companies get 70% of their business through word of mouth advertising? Not including social media advertising, word of mouth advertising is an extremely powerful viral tool to receive new clients and expand your current business services.

Referral Incentives

Generate a Monthly Income by Referring Our Business Thank you for referring our website to your family, friends and work colleagues. Word of mouth referral is by far the most important referral a small business can have and we thank you for your consideration. CMather Web Development allows you to save money on your web [...]

Four Easy Steps to Run an Instagram Contest

If you have a company that’s active on Instagram and you’re looking to run a contest to build excitement, rest assured you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to running quick contests that will not only engage your audience, but will also build and maintain your fun base, nothing beats Instagram. We recently [...]

About Us

About CMather Web Development CMather a Local Bendigo Design Company Operating Since 2000. We Offer Affordable Web Design, Marketing and Creative Strategies for Australian Businesses. Since early 2000 CMather Web Development and the team at Bendigo Web Hosting have created a global web hosting portal which now caters to thousands of clients, [...]