Website Maintenance Essentials

Companies spend thousands of dollars in building a website, but spend little thought or money to maintain it. Their commitment towards online investment ideally ends once the website is designed, developed and live. Not much attention is paid to the site, unless, it’s time for a redesign or revamp. […]

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Does Sass Make Sense?

There’s a huge buzz about CSS preprocessors today. A few years ago, the argument was about the need for them, but today, the argument is about which preprocessor is the best. Designers are no longer thinking about using Sass instead of CSS; they’re thinking about which preprocessor to choose.

Sass […]

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How to Validate AddThis Code with HTML5 and JavaScript

If you want to pass HTML5 validation using the AddThis code, you will fall into a few issues as some of the ID’s and tags used is invalid in HTML5. Passing the code through the W3C Validation will indicate errors in the code such as “fb:like:layout” “tw:via” etc. Here […]

Pinterest, TV Commercials, Accounting and Social Media

Having a strong brand recognition online is an important part of your online web presence. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ have made some changes on how small business communicates with customers. Later during the month we will write about specific changes and how business owners can take advantage of […]

2013 Year in Review

As another year pass and we close 2013, I like to take this opportunity to thank all the new customers who made CMather Web Development home for their new businesses. Overall we had an extremely busy 2013 by adding 412 new corporate customers to our growing list of online […]

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What Makes Yii Work So Astutely for Businesses

While businesses are looking for some restrain, they are also vying for overwhelming consistency in their project management. Building business applications using Yii is particularly rewarding, thanks to the host of library functions and reduced load on database.
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Effective Use of Images on Websites

Image that is incorrectly placed can destroy a marketing campaign. Convey your powerful message by effective use of images within your web development.
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Social Media Secrets to Dominating Google

Want to dominate Google using free social media sites? Here's how you can claw your way to the top harnessing the power of free social media sites.
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Email Marketing Software | Send Customised Emails to Customers

Learn how using modern email marketing software and free newsletter templates can help your business communicate effectively with your customers.