Configure Pidgin for Google Apps Account | GTalk

GTalk connection issues? Try these new configuration settings to configure Pidgin for Google Apps account or your normal Gmail account.

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Video Release: Website Maintenance

If you run a website, you’ve probably discovered that web design is not a one-time job. You must continuously tweak your site to meet changing standards and customer expectations.

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Sales Funnel: Capture Social Media Leads by CMather

Why Social Media leads are NOT the same as traditional leads. 5 steps to get social media leads into the sales funnel and start converting customers.

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8 Ways to Build an Effective Business Network

Struggling to build an effective business network that works? Follow these 8 powerful steps to develop a business networking program for you. We would also love to hear your business network tips.

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Referral Marketing: 4 Simple Steps to Build Referral Business

It was not long ago when small business used the power of word of mouth to obtain referrals before any social media network was formed. Social media and the Internet is great for new business however did you know 80% of companies get 70% of their business through word of mouth advertising? Not including social media advertising, word of mouth advertising is an extremely powerful viral tool to receive new clients and expand your current business services.

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Still Paying For Monthly Website Maintenance Costs?

New Press Release: In a market where it is difficult to determine how much website maintenance service costs, CMather have come up with a fixed pricing plan with no recurring charges.

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CMather Offers a New Update Proof Web Design Strategy

Press: Australia based web development and design studio have come up with an ‘update friendly’ web design strategy that promises to please search engine bots and create an impression among the business’s customers equally.

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5 Statistics to Prove That Your Business Needs a Blog

A 2012 study reported that around 60% businesses in the UK did not have a web presence at all. I’m sure the numbers would be far less in the US, but the fact remains that a lot of small business owners consider their trade to be an offline entity.

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5 Mistakes Made When Creating QuickBase Apps

When first tasked with creating a new QuickBase App, it is easy to jump right in and begin the build. The creation of a new QuickBase App can be exciting; however the desire to start the build immediately is wrought with danger.

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