Domain Names: Why and How To Protect it?

You’ve invested the money and time to create a website which generates revenue for your company. Your Domain Name is an online brand and a precious asset. Protect it with these 3 simple steps.

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Common Domain Name Registration Questions We Get Asked

Understanding how DNS servers work, domain registration process and picking a good domain name. Common domain name registration questions we get asked.

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3 Top Mistakes Made When Choosing a Domain Name

Purchasing a unique domain name can be confusing and technical. See 3 top mistakes made by consumers when purchasing a domain name for their business.

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What is Web Hosting and Why Do You Need It?

So you have a brand new domain name and website. So why do you need web hosting? Why managed hosting servers play an important role for today’s business websites.

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6 Ways to Create Engaging Social Network Posts

Learn 6 steps to creating engaging social network posts for better engagement, activity and attention for your brands.

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Domain Name Expiration is a Risk You Can’t Afford

It is easy to forget what a valuable asset your domain name can be. With an increasing scarcity of good names and an entire market built around the purchase and inflation of expired domains, risking expiration is a costly game. Don’t risk losing your domain name by missing the domain name expiration. Renew early for multiple years to protect your marketing brands.

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Beginners Guide to cPanel Web Hosting by CMather

The cPanel web hosting console is a powerful web hosting tool. It makes management and monitoring your web server an easy process. No technical jargon, programming or code is required. We have only listed the most popular areas within the cPanel console.

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Configure Pidgin for Google Apps Account | GTalk

GTalk connection issues? Try these new configuration settings to configure Pidgin for Google Apps account or your normal Gmail account.

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Video Release: Website Maintenance

If you run a website, you’ve probably discovered that web design is not a one-time job. You must continuously tweak your site to meet changing standards and customer expectations.

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