IT Help Desk Software | 7 Common Questions

Customer service has become a vital factor for the growth of any organisation irrespective of its size. Help desk software constructs competent customer support and plays a key role in bringing out customer satisfaction and to improve business turn over. Hence the usage of help desk software to manage customer [...]

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7 ITSM Implementation Challenges – ITIL Best Practices

Real-time ITSM implementation challenges and ways to overcome them effectively through proper ITIL best practices.

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Tips to Measure Social Media Results

When it comes to marketing yourself or your business, measuring social media is an important factor to check your campaigns are working.

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Top 5 Free Social Media Tools Used by CMather

Social media tools help us to organise, collate, automate and make our lives a little easier. We list our top 5 favorite social media tools.

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The Day When I Felt Blessed With Gadgets

Story: The day dawned normally. I was woken up by my Fit Bit Flex alarm. A Day in the Life of a Tech Student and the gadgets used today.

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Quadcopter DJI Phantom Drone | Equipment and Setup

Common questions answered regarding our quadcopter drone, the equipment we use and the setups for professional video and aerial photography.

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Configure Pidgin for Google Apps Account | GTalk

GTalk connection issues? Try these new configuration settings to configure Pidgin for Google Apps account or your normal Gmail account.

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Automating Accounts Receivable with Zoho Books

Financial accounting can be a pain for small business. Automating accounting workflow with Zoho Books can help save time and money.

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9 Easy Ways to Secure Password

9 Ways to Secure Your Passwords. Password security is one of those things that everyone knows about—everyone knows how crucial it is too—but most of us take it lightly. 7 out of 10 active users on the Internet don’t do anything about securing their passwords.

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